Apr 12

Harbin Law Office LLC: DUI/DWI, Criminal Defense, Divorce and Custody Matters

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The Harbin Law Office is a boutique law firm primarily serving Hagerstown, Washington County and Frederick, Frederick County in western Maryland.

What does “boutique” law firm mean?  It means that we focus all of our energies on just a few areas of the law.  We believe that this allows the Harbin Law Office to provide the best services possible to our clients.  Rather than a “jack of all trades, master of none” approach many attorneys take, David Harbin limits his practice to DUI/DWI, criminal defense, and MVA hearings.

This narrow focus allows David Harbin to provide personalized, competent and affordable representation to his Washington County and Frederick County client base.

Charged with a felony or misdemeanor?  Have a little too much to drink and get stopped by the police?  David Harbin can help you.  Don’t hesitate, contact the Harbin Law Office today.